Holistic Healing for Body, Mind, & Spirit

Whether you are recovering from a chronic illness, have a sudden injury, or just want to feel better,
Chi Holistics can help.

Our goal is to get you back to living the life you want to live.

Each healing session, whether conducted in person or virtually, is uniquely designed to help you move toward feeling and doing your absolute best.

You will work with your practitioner to set your goals and create the ideal plan for you.

Healing Solutions for:
Chronic pain & health issues
POTS & Dysautonomia
Autoimmune issues
'Invisible' Illnesses
Recent & old injuries
Stubborn health issues
Improving overall wellbeing
& more

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Virtual and In-Person services are available!
CranioSacral Therapy
Reiki/Intuitive Energy Healing and Training
Health Coaching
Intuitive Coaching
Holistic Occupational Therapy
Therapeutic Massage

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"You can't read the label if you're inside the jar."
So many people are so smart about so many things, yet when it comes to their own healing, they draw a blank.
Why is it so difficult to get a clear idea of what is going on within us?

Sometimes, we’re just too close to the situation to see it clearly—just like the ingredients in a jar can’t see the label. We cannot view our own situation without the biases and judgments that we place on ourselves.
Sometimes, too, it’s just nice—and very helpful—to be able to step back and allow someone else to support us. This allows us to relax into the healing process and often creates more effective outcomes.

When we have the opportunity to ask for help from someone we trust, they can offer us a clearer picture of what is going on. They can also often help us heal it. 

No one is meant to be alone. We are meant to support each other in healing and in life.

That is why Chi Holistics was created—to help you find exactly what you need to heal.

"Wellness seeks more than the absence of illness; it searches for new levels of excellence. Beyond any disease-free neutral point, wellness dedicates its efforts to our total wellbeing--in body, mind, and spirit."
Greg Anderson